Membership is a commitment and a privilege; to grow and serve with a community of believers who are of the same mind and doctrinal stance.

Do you want to make SGBC your home Church? Here is how it works;

First, you’ll need to put your name on the sign-up sheet and go through the 10-week membership class. In this class, you’ll learn about church membership, about our church, and what is expected of you as a church member.

Then after the class, you will be interviewed by the elders to hear your salvation story, confirm that you understand the meaning of church membership, confirm that you do not have any concerning biblical issues, and also give you a chance to ask questions about SGBC.

Once the interviews are done if you desire to be baptised you will be. The last stage is to covenant with the whole church and sign the membership roll.

The start date of the next class will be announced.