Think On These Things (Page 2)

The Reality Of Our Lives

Pastor Osinachi calls us to plead for mercy to see the need to number our days and glorify God now, knowing that death is inevitable to man.

No Time To Waste

Pastor Osinachi calls us to check our lives knowing that justice would surely come for the wicked but yet there is comfort for the righteous as tribulations only last for a moment.


Pastor Osinachi calls us to see the beauty in the companionship with God, the Word, and the children of God.

Continue In The Word Of God

Pastor Osinachi brings to our remembrance of how vital it is for us to truly know & follow the Lord through the revealed Word of the Scriptures as we find ourselves in the last days.

It Is Written

Pastor Osinachi calls us to remember that the Word of God undiluted is ever true and sufficient in every situation for the Christian.

The Word Of God Against Sin

Pastor Osinachi reminds us to employ the ever effective weapon of the Word of God by consciously and constantly reading, memorizing, and meditating on it.

The Light Of God’s Word

Pastor Osinachi reminds and encourages us of the vitality and necessity of the Word of God to a Christian, both in public and private life as it is the compass that leads us to God and away from eternal damnation.

New Mercies

Pastor Osinachi calls us to call to mind the mercies of God and to always recall that he is indeed good and his mercies are new every morning.