Covenant and Constitution

Linked to this page are foundational documents of our local church community at here at Sovereign Grace Bible Church. These texts—the Church Covenant and the Church Constitution—serve as the bedrock for our collective life and governance, encapsulating our commitments and guiding our journey together in Christ.

Sovereign Grace Bible Church Covenant

Our Church Covenant is more than just a written agreement; it's a sacred promise that each of us makes to the Lord and to one another. It expresses our shared beliefs, our mutual responsibilities, and our unified dedication to live as Christ's disciples. This covenant binds us in spiritual kinship, holds us accountable in love, and propels us towards collective and individual growth in faith. It is a living document that reflects the heartbeat of our congregation's life in Christ.

Sovereign Grace Bible Church Constitution

This Constitution embodies the core principles and practices of our church, It serves as a guiding document, outlining our doctrinal beliefs, governance structure, and the responsibilities of both church leaders and members. In adhering to this established contents of this document, we seek to maintain the purity of the Gospel, the proper administration of the sacraments, and the diligent practice of church discipline.